SMSCC manufactures a complete range of cemented tungsten carbide replacement wear parts for foundation drill, mining and tunneling, trenching, road milling industries. We not just produce and sell, we pride ourself on delivering productivity and efficiency and value. At SMSCC, we have a very simple philosophy: provide the best possible product at the best possible price. By strict process control and using the strongest materials, our products are manufactured to the high quality standards that our global customers always rely on. 

    The history of SMSCC began in year 2009, SMSCC is one of the leading manufacturers of tungsten carbide tools for the foundation and road construction, mining and drilling industries. We aim to be one of the most important global players with well-respected brand names in the market.

    SMSCC’s diversified tungsten carbide product range contains but are not limited to the following tools: foundation drilling conical round shank bits, rotary drilling rig's bullet, auger & core barrel teeth,hard rock and solf soil piling chisels, Betek, Kennametal, Bauer & Sandvik picks; coal mining bits, miner bits, surface and underground mine cutter teeth, mining equipment cutting bits, tunneling machine bits, tunneling cutting teeth; bucket wheel trencher bits & parts, trench digging picks, walk behind trenching machine chisels; road milling bits, road planning picks, asphalt and concrete road rehabilitation machine cutting bits; tungsten carbide drilling & cutting tool bits holders.